Zesty Guacamole And Egg Toast


This Flavor Bursting Guacamole & Egg Toast Recipe Will Leave You Asking For More!

Have you tried guacamole toast? I’m obsessed; it’s one of my go-to quick meals.

I also love taking a super simple recipe and just turning it up a notch.

Why not spend 15 minutes making the most delicious Guacamole and some fried eggs to cover your favorite slices of toasted bread.

It’s quick and easy but most importantly it is bursting with flavor.

 Guacamole Ingredients

  • 4 Ripe avocados
  • Red onion (half of a medium-size onion)
  • 1 Medium tomato (half a cup)
  • 1 Large jalapeno
  • 1 lime
  • Cilantro
  • Salt, cumin, chipotle chili powder,

Remaining Guacamole Egg Toast Ingredients;

  • 1-4 eggs (depending on how many slices of bread you prepare)
  • Everything seasoning (I use Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend)
  • 1-2 tbsp olive oil (or your favorite oil)

Making your Guacamole is super quick, just follow the next steps and you’ll be eating 15 minutes from now;

  • Slice your avocados in half and scoop out the green flesh. Mash your avocado in the bowl using a fork. You can make it smooth or leave if it as lumps as you like.
  • Deseed your jalapeno and chop into small pieces
  • Chop and deseed your tomato in small pieces. I had cherry tomatoes on hand so I used those instead.
  • Cut up your onion into small pieces as well.
  • Cut up your fresh cilantro (roughly one tablespoon worth)
  • Add everything to your bowl, add your spices and juice from your lime.
  • Salt to taste and add more chili powder if the jalapeno was not enough quick for you.
  • Fry up the perfect sunny side up, over-easy egg. Add around 1/2 teaspoon of Everything seasoning to each egg while it’s cooking.


*However, if you prefer your eggs to be cooked longer like me, no worries, any type of egg works great, the yolk just adds an extra burst of flavor.

Toast up slices of your favorite bread to toast and top with guacamole and one egg each. Then sprinkle on some fresh pepper and you are good to go.

I love to use my Easy Dutch Oven Bread (No-Knead Bread. It’s crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

I take 5 minutes to prep my dough on a Friday night and bake it up Saturday morning for delicious bread all weekend long.


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