Why It’s Bad Luck To Place Your Purse On The Floor


What is The Meaning of Placing Your Purse on The Floor?

As we tend to hold valuables within our purses and wallets, certain superstitions play on the fact that by placing such valuables on the floor, we are showing a level of disregard and disrespect. 

We risk losing it by showing no regard for our valuables (money).

Hispanic Superstitions

Many cultures have similar beliefs; while the stories surrounding them may differ, the fundamentals remain the same.

In Hispanic households, grandmothers pass on generations of advice, one of which is never to place your purse on the floor.

You risk losing money and gaining bad luck when it comes to money.

Feng Shui

While you may be familiar with Feng Shui through the Marie Londo decluttering phenomenon, Feng Shui goes back over 3500 years.

Great importance is put on the concept of placement.

A popular saying has come about “A purse on the floor is money out the door.” 

This deep routed saying still holds true today for those who follow the practices of Feng Shui.

There is a list of Feng Shui beliefs surrounding wallets and welcoming wealth into your life by following some simple guidelines.

From the color to the shape of your wallet, giving your purse a special place when you get home is high on the list.

Avoiding the floor, especially the bathroom floor, is key.

Where Should You Put Your Purse?

If you want to follow the ancient art of placement, it’s recommended to assign a particular area in your home to store your purse or wallet. 

In fact, when following Feng Shui, the southeast corner of your home or office is considered the wealth corner and can be found using one of two methods

Traditionally, the wealth corner of your home can be found using a compass. 

Once you find your spot, you can decide on the most practical and esthetic way to store your purse. 

It’s believed that the respect of treating your wallet with care by implementing these small changes will, in turn, attract wealth to your life.


Yes, depending on the culture, placing a purse on the floor can be viewed as disrespectful and bad luck.

It is good luck to place 2-3 coins inside a purse or wallet when gifting such an item in Greece. It’s believed that “money attracts money.”


It is believed that good luck comes from placing 3 Feng Shui coins attached to a red ribbon inside your wallet or purse to attract wealth.

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